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  • Being You, Changing the World

    This book is a truly innovative toolbox for the seekers in the world—the people who know that something different is possible but who have never before had the tools to create what they really desire. You!

    Through the unique perspective of Dr. Dain Heer, this book introduces you to a different way of functioning in this reality. Using an exclusive set of tools and processes called Access Consciousness, Heer walks you through the steps to actually create change in your life and in the world.

    When Heer came into contact with these tools for the first time, he was on the verge of suicide, and the Access tools changed all of that. With vulnerability, clarity and humor, Heer uses his personal transformation over the past ten years to show you the kind of dynamic change that is actually possible.

    There is no other book out there like this. It will not provide you with one single answer to hold on to. Instead it will show you how to function from question and choice, in ten second increments, and give you access to all that you innately already…know.

    In a way, this book is a great co-creation. Heer draws on the wisdom of the thousands of people he has worked with all over the world. When starting to recognize that they’re not messed up, that they’re not wrong, they also realize that they have abilities and capacities way beyond their wildest dreams.

    Are you ready to know that?

    “What if you, truly being you, is the gift and the change this world requires?” – Dr. Dain Heer

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    What People Say After Reading the Book…

    “You rocked my world with this book. I’m observing magical things. I AM AWARE that every single aspect of my life is transforming… I am 62, and really cannot remember a time in my life when I was not aware of and seeking what you talk about, in one way or another. Yes, this is the time for me. In all the experiences I have had the privilege of having, this seems to be the icing on the cake. I am just so very grateful.”

    – Ann

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    Dain Heer is coming to Japan, Poland, Turkey, Israel and Australia next year!
    These events are 3.5 Day events of dynamic change, facilitated by Dr Dain Heer.
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  • NEWS! The Being You Book Hit  #1 and is Changing the World! 

    On April 6, Dr. Dain Heer’s book, Being You Changing The World, became an international best seller on Amazon.com! With amazing awards and recognition in 12 different countries! More here!

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